About Us

About Us
Our mission: To help lead our members to optimal fitness in an exciting, engaging and dynamic group setting! Safety and technique are the basis of each class but then we crank the music, high five our friends and get to work!

Why Trailhead CrossFit
If you’re looking for an experienced coach that gets amped up from leading you through exciting workouts…look no further!
If you’re looking for a place where every day your fellow athletes are excited to watch you give your best, accomplish new heights and conquer some fears along the way…look no further!
If you’re tired of writing your own workouts and “bro’ing out” and ready to let someone else write some amazing and dynamic workouts for you, look no further.
If you’re looking for a diverse community in age, gender, fitness level, size, height, and weight… look no further!
If you’re bored with your routines and need some variety in your workouts, look no further!
If you’ve been on the sidelines still wondering what all the hype is about this “CrossFit stuff”…look no further!

Our commitment:

Is to teach technique, technique, technique! Is to support you in all your workouts with a high-five, back slap and fist-bump! Is to provide a safe and fun environment where you succeed in reaching your goals! Is that we NEVER make you feel inadequate because you can’t do something right away!

We start you where you are and together, we’re going to unleash your fitness and uncover that better version that we’re all striving to attain! You can browse our social media pages and see the diversity in our athletes and types of workouts. We’re already having a blast working out together and creating community we are an inclusive bunch!

Now What?

Get Started!  Check out the different membership options for newbies, experienced CrossFitters, weekend-warriors, couch potatoes and former athletes.  We’re sure to have a program that matches your needs.

*Discounts for Teachers/Students/First Responders/Seniors and Military.