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What should I wear? Comfortable athletic wear that you can move in. Seriously, we pull, push, kneel, bend over, roll on the floor, turn upside down, raise our hands over our heads, crawl on the floor and everything else that I haven’t listed. (I recommend a shoe that is designed for CrossFit…the toes on regular athletic shoes will get chewed up from burpees and the insoles will be destroyed by rope climbs if they don’t have a “rope guard”)

How will the Trailhead CrossFit community welcome me? You will have a profile in our member software that is also your workout tracker. You will upload a photo and everyone will be able to congratulate you on your workouts, as will you toward them. Additionally, as new people join the classes we do a super short intro!

Do you have workouts for all ages? Yes and no. We do not currently have a CrossFit Kids Program. Every other age is welcome and encouraged. Age is not an excuse to not exercise…in fact, the older you are the better you should know the importance of vigorous regular exercise.

How old do I have to be to be a member at the gym? Do you have programs for sports teams? (Sport Specific Workouts?) Do I need to be “in shape” before doing my first CrossFit workout? Absolutely not! Every workout is designed for varying levels of athletic ability. Intensity is scaled to your fitness level, if you are just coming off a D1 sports scholarship we expect and will encourage you to breathe fire in your workouts! If you’ve been inactive for the past 20 years we expect you to know your body and don’t be afraid to safely move out of your comfort zone and strive to find that inner fitness as we join together in unleashing that better version of yourself that we are all looking for!

How will CrossFit benefit me more than a run on the treadmill? Running and a strong cardio program is of utmost importance in any successful training program. However, only ever doing one thing one way will make you excellent at that one thing and sub-par in a wide array of other areas. We believe and KNOW that to have a full life you need to be able to lift, push, press, sit, stand, walk, climb, jump and balance! When the remote control falls under the couch wouldn’t you like to be able to at the very least get down on the floor and back up off the floor with ease, if not simply just lift the couch out of the way?

I don’t know any barbell or olympic weightlifting movements. Will you teach basic movements in introductory classes? Neither did I until i joined CrossFit. We teach you in foundations the basics and continue to build throughout your CrossFit journey. CrossFit has arguably done more to introduce barbell movements into the mainstream of fitness than any other fitness centric movement in history. We’re good at it!

I’ve heard that CrossFit workouts cause Rhabdo. Will I get Rhabdo? How will the trainers help me avoid this? People have gotten Rhabdo in the wide world of CrossFit; is it the norm? Not by a long shot. It is most commonly found in crushing injuries and you can google many credible sources of information on the subject. Yes, coaches are aware of the causes and work with athletes to avoid these possibilities. Nothing is certain in life but we understand you’re here to get fit, not get injured.

It looks like CrossFit workouts are designed for big, bulky men. What workouts do you have for women? CrossFit workouts are designed for everyone. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. Does that sound like you? It should because it describes a fully functioning human. Women do the same workouts that the men do and the older people do the same workouts as the younger people and the bigger people do the same workouts as the smaller people. That’s the point of a group led class that encourages camaraderie, support and inclusion. The only difference is intensity, weight and range of motion of each workout that is tailored to injuries, strength and experience of the athlete.

Do you have classes just for moms? No, however we do have a dedicated child area where you can see your child from the gym floor. It is not supervised childcare but we have a huge “mom” demographic….seriously, there are A LOT of moms and kids that are a part of this gym.

Do you have childcare? No. We do, however, have a dedicated area designed for your child. We do not provide supervised childcare at this time. If the need arises and can be done in an economic manner, we will add it.

What does the structure of the hour-long class look like? Typical classes start with a 10-15 minute warm-up Routinely a 5-10 minute skill development A workout ranging from 3minutes to 30 minutes A strength component ranging from 10-25 minutes Each class is varied and each day and week is designed to build on itself, so there is no “typical” workout. That’s the point of CrossFit…don’t let your body get lazy doing the same thing over and over. Surprise the muscles and force your body to respond!

What if I don’t like it after the first few weeks? It depends on the contract you sign. Whether it’s month to month, 6 month or 12 month contracts It is highly encouraged to start with the first month foundations package. This is only a 2 week commitment following Foundations.

Do I have to sign a contract? Sort of, but, no. You sign a “contract” for any membership but some of them are simply month to month commitments and others are 6 month or 12 month contracts.

How do I drop-in? Drop in’s are $20 or $25 for a t-shirt with a free workout. If you are a current Wodify user you can book in through our on-line portal, pay the fee and reserve your class. If not on Wodify, get in touch with us here. If you are NOT a current CrossFitter anywhere and don’t have any experience doing CrossFit, you are not eligible for a week-day drop-in. You can register for a Foundations course or come visit us on Saturdays at 9am for free. Our Saturday WODs are engineered for all experience levels and equipped with coaches prepared for first-timer and elite alike.

Is there a fee to drop-in? Yes, $20 (including Yoga drop-in) OR $25 for a t-shirt and enjoy the workout for free. (If you are an affiliate owner travelling we will extend you up to one free week of workouts – MUST show proof of ownership.)

What is the cost of a month’s membership? Varies, see membership options.

I hear a lot of words when I’m around CrossFitters that I don’t know… VOCABULARY: WOD AMRAP Tabata Oly Snatch Clean Jerk The Open Foundations On-Ramp Nancy, Nellie, Eileen, Pearl and Cindy (hahah) who are these women? HERO Workout Wodify Book In PR Swoll Muscle Up Rig Kettle Bell, Bar Bell, Dumb Bell – what is this, a music class?