You’ve heard about it now you’re ready to try?!?  Due to the dynamic and varied nature of our classes we require attendance in our two week Foundations program as part of your on-ramp to CrossFit.  This will consist of 6 one hour class offerings  over 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of unlimited access to all CrossFit courses, Yoga and bootcamp. A minimum of 4 one hour sessions is required to graduate into the CrossFit Programming, but we highly encourage 6 classes.
We cover everything from the methodology behind our workouts to technique in squats, snatch, clean, kettle bell swings, pull-ups, push-ups and more!
To clarify, with our “Foundations” course you get the 2 weeks of Foundations class, PLUS an additional 2 weeks of unlimited access to all our programming.  This package is a 4 week membership.
After this initial obligation lasting 4 weeks, you will be free to choose from any of our membership offerings. (Find the options and prices under the “Prices” tab at the top of this website)

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